Gubbio in the places of Don Matteo

The television series "Don Matteo" starring Terence Hill was created thanks to an idea by the Lux Vide film production company. It was filmed entirely in the splendid town of Gubbio, and the scenery of the town takes a leading role, with its medieval buildings, elegant interiors and little streets and alleys that crisscross through the four quarters of the town to create a marvelous layout. The various sights of the town are all a delight to behold.

In the eye of the camera in the places of "Don Matteo"

Gubbio, the most beautiful medieval town, known throughout the world for the Ceri Festival, for its lovely countryside and for its cultural identity, has for some years also been the town of "Don Matteo", a television series with the famous priest detective played by Terence Hill.

We thought it would be a good idea to publish a book, 'Gubbio – the places of Don Matteo', to show daily life through pictures taken during the shots, where fiction is surpassed and reality appears, with flashes of local hospitality , authenticity, traditions and, sometimes poetry. All the marvelous images are taken from the television series, and we are grateful to Lux Vide for choosing Gubbio. Thanks to "Don Matteo", Gubbio has become very popular and is part of a tendency in tourism that sees a location transformed into a destination in the wake of a successful television series and where, among other things, the setting is of primary importance.

The 8th series of this fiction will be filmed in the town at the end of 2010.

The book 'Gubbio – the places of Don Matteo' is available at the Tourist Office of Gubbio, as a free gift to visitors to the town.